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Fall 2018

I am super excited to introduce you to the new Senior Moments Newspaper for fall 2018. It’s been a labor of love but I’ve loved the labor.

It’s always a challenge and amazing to see how the paper comes together each issue. I usually have no idea what the content will end up but will just say it’s a “progressive” thing.

Beginning on page one, I’ve went to a familiar source for family-friendly relevant articles, The Heritage Foundation, and have this great article about Thanks-giving. Who knew of Sarah Josepha Hale and how she helped make the day a holiday in America?

Did you know Casey Stengel was from Missouri? Neither did I. You can read his brief biography on page two.

“All we had to work with at the beginning was a gleam in the customer’s eye,” said James S. McDon-nell about the Phantom inception. The McDonnell Douglass F-4 Phantom—what couldn’t it do?

In our article about music, I’ve stepped aside this month from writing about the Great American Songbook and the crooners who’ve helped keep it alive and have written about opera. No, I didn’t say “opry” I said opera. Big difference that you can read about on page five.

Speaking of the Branson Beat, I’m including a fine article about the breathtaking views and stunning colors you can catch this fall when you’re out and about on our beautiful roads and highways. This article is from the Branson Chamber/Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Wow! James Tissot—Biblical illustrator extra-ordinaire. Where have you been all my life? At nearly seventy years old, I’m just not getting around to explore his splendid and inspirational art. Please check out page seven and see the painting, What Our Lord Saw from the Cross. I’ve never seen anything like this painting and I think you’ll agree.

Remember September is “National Suicide Prevention Month.” Here’s the takeaway from this article: smiles don’t mean “I’m okay.” Laughs don’t mean “I’m okay” and “I’m okay” doesn’t mean “I’m okay.” Okay? We need to talk about it.

“My Dog Rosie” is a short article by my father-in-law, the later C. J. Greer. Mr. Greer, or as I called him, Bro. Greer, was a skilled trainer in Border collies. Rosie the Border collie was his pride and joy for many years. This article a short story about her.

Again, thanks to all the advertisers who agreed to advertise at least one more time. Without you the paper would not be published. And to our readers, I hope this fall issue will be a blessing and bring a little enjoyment to you who love to read.

Until December when we meet again and we’re once again talking about the weather, have a nice fall. I hope you can get out and see the flaming fall review here in God’s country—the Ozarks.

Bruce Menzies


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