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American Highrise

You’ve seen it on the back of the Grand Palace in Branson. You’ve seen it at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, and your local post office or police station. I’m talking about the American Highrise portrait, a creation of artist Richard Daniel Clark.

Like so many other successes with modest beginnings, the American Highrise began as a doodle on an airline napkin back in 1977 while flying over Manhattan. After Clark, at the time a Hollywood game show producer and emcee, returned to his office in Los Angeles, he transposed the sketch onto a poster-sized sheet of paper. This started a refinement which lasted eleven years. The finished product has become, according to the artist, the most personally viewed piece of art in modern times!

In 1989 it was granted the Official Bicentennial Presidential Inaugural Seal to commemorate 200 years of the presidency from George Washington through George Herbert Walker Bush (1789-1989).

The American Highrise is an architectural montage featuring twenty-nine actual buildings in America. How many can you identify? Clark also included twenty-one which are fictional.

You can Email Richard Daniel Clark at for more information.

Presentation of the American Highrise (left) to the past Governor of Missouri. Pictured from left is Sue Ann O’Neal Clark, artist Richard Daniel Clark, Rep. Lynn Morris, past Governor of State of Missouri, Honorable Jay Nixon, and Michael Hamilton, Senior pastor of Hope of Sparta church, Sparta, Missouri.