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Spring 2019

Hopefully this issue of Senior Moments Newspaper is the first of four editions I will publish this calendar year. At least that is my plan. I can never really be sure when the last edition is the last (final) one. We make our plans, we set our course, we prepare, we focus, but sometimes life gets in the way of even the best laid plans (Prov. 27:1).

Publishing even a small tabloid paper as mine is always a thrill. Watching how the paper comes together each issue still amazes me. Each issue is proof that the Lord helps us. And speaking of proof, before press time I proofread the paper multiple times but still typos occur. The scariest time for me to read my own paper is AFTER it comes off the press as it is too late to make changes. At that point it is what it is!

If you have any comments I invite you to write to me either at the physical or electronic address which you can find at the bottom of page two. If you find a typographical error please tell me, I’d appreciate it.

Bruce Menzies

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